KPFA Equity Index

Number of union workers at KPFA: 38
Number who are full-time: 5
Number who fall below the federal poverty line for a household of four: 7
Median annual wages: $24,764.82

Salary of Pacifica’s Chief Financial Officer Lavarn Williams: $84,948
Salary of Pacifica’s Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt: $90,000
Salary of KPFA’s interim General Manager Andrew Phillips: $70,000
Salary of KPFA’s interim Program Director Carrie Core: $50,000

TOTAL salary for managers: $294,948.00. It’s time to demand the resignations of the managers who are destroying KPFA. This is the management team that has:

* refused $63,000 in listener pledges to restore the Morning Show
* spent over $80,000 on anti-union consultants
* issued multiple gag orders against KPFA workers who have tried to inform listeners about developments at the station
* overseen 2 disastrous fund drives
* decreed programming changes that will cost over $500,000
* ignored listeners’ desires, and removed KPFA’s excellent programs to put their friends on the air, essentially “firing the listeners” and reducing KPFA’s audience

Why should listeners pay nearly $300,000 dollars for these managers’ salaries, when their incompetence is destroying KPFA? CLICK HERE TO SEND AN EMAIL to KPFA’s and Pacifica’s elected boards. Tell them that KPFA needs excellent programming, not wasteful bureaucrats.

READ ABOUT KPFA’s workers — both paid and unpaid — and their history of union organizing here. You can also read several leaflets about the recent struggle to retain local control at KPFA.