KPFA’s Union Responds to the Pacifica National Board

CWA Local 9415 has always avoided any involvement in KPFA/Pacifica Foundation governance issues. That is not our purview. Our relationship is strictly maintained within the scope of the management of KPFA and the Executive Director of Pacifica. As such, those are the entities with whom we negotiate Contracts and meet on grievances and workplace issues.

The PNB has no legal authority to circumvent the Contract language governing layoff provisions. This is distinct and separate from constructing a budget. If there is any attempt to change the terms of our Contract on this issue, we will immediately take any and all legal actions available to us. The PNB’s conduct constitutes a tortuous interference with a contractual relationship. It also would put KPFA in violation of federal labor laws by preventing the union from engaging in the right to bargain in good faith with the party who is actually responsible for the management of the bargaining unit employees.

In addition, we will involve the larger Labor community’s support in opposition to allowing an intrusion by a third party to a legal, negotiated Contract. That is something that all will understand is unacceptable.


Christina B Huggins
1st Executive Vice President
CWA Local 9415

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