Pacifica: Yesterday’s News Today

Late last week, some KPFA staff inadvertently learned that as of Monday, December 6th KPFA’s morning programming was changing.  Pacifica management had decided that Al Jazeera news (English) would broadcast at 6:00 am instead of Democracy Now!; Democracy Now! would move to 7:00 am; and at 8:00 am there would be something piped in from KPFK in LA.

Many staff and listeners support the idea of airing Al Jazeera on KPFA, but not as a stealth maneuver.  To add insult to injury, KPFA is airing the previous evening’s news, not Al Jazeera’s morning news broadcast. Listeners have contacted the station to complain that breaking news — such as the arrest of the founder of WikiLeaks’s Julian Assange — isn’t being reported on Pacifica’s version of Al Jazeera until the day after it happens.

And many listeners are angry to find Democracy Now! moved to an hour later with no notice, making it impossible for many to hear. Yet again, Pacifica seems to have no regard for the listeners and no interest in getting their input before making significant on air changes.

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