Solidarity on the Morning Show; South Bay Labor Council resolution

David Bacon, labor journalist and KPFA unpaid staff member, wrote an open letter to the listeners to the weekly Labor Segment on the Morning Show, which he has produced since 1994, about why it is not currently airing. “I strongly believe that the staff of the station have the same labor rights as other working people,” writes Bacon. “I hope the current dispute can be resolved in a fair way. I believe it’s possible, and that [the Labor Segment will] return to the air when it happens, but a labor show has to take a stand.”

Bacon adds: “You can help resolve this situation by communicating your distress to Englehardt and the Pacifica Foundation board, and insisting that they sit down with the union and agree to a solution in accord with the contract.” | WRITE PACIFICA HERE

This week, the South Bay Central Labor Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of the paid and unpaid workers at KPFA, calling on Pacifica to reduce its own expenses, instead of laying off staff. The resolution asks KPFA to develop more programming about workers, union members, immigrants, and people of color.

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