Thank you from KPFA’s workers!

THANK YOU to the generous pledgers listed below, and the many, many others who have asked to remain anonymous. KPFA’s fund drive was on track just a week ago to come in a whopping $150,000 short because of Pacifica management’s decision to remove the top grossing program from KPFA’s air, the Morning Show. KPFA’s workers appealed to all listeners to make “a pledge in support of KFPA’s workers” to keep management from making further retaliatory layoffs and program changes.

They stepped forward with over $13,000 in challenges to fellow listeners to help boost the last week of the fund drive. bundled the pledges and put them up as challenges during the fund drive. KPFA programmers announced those challenges, on-air, as in support of KPFA’s workers, and they had a far-reaching effect, as others then came forward to donate.

Still, KPFA’s pledge drive ended on Wednesday, May 25 at 7 pm, still about $80,000 short of its goal. KPFAWorker’s matching pledge effort is now closed, but you can still make a donation directly to the station online at KPFA’s website, and add your comments there.

Donations came from a wide variety of listeners, including union members (see some of their comments below). KPFA’s workers and their supporters have been passing the hat at union halls and labor councils, according to California Labor Federation blog.

KPFA will send all pledgers — those who put up matches and those who pledged in response — a bill. Once you pay it, you’ll have the right to vote in KPFA board elections, recalls, and bylaw referendums — which means you’ll have a vote to help fix KPFA. To stay informed, be sure you are signed up for’s email list by contacting us at

Here are some of the comments from pledgers, printed here with their permission:

Liza Rankow: In grateful solidarity with KPFA workers.

Agustin Gonzalez: unemployed and have already donated to kpfa.  I am donating again to support community radio.

Paul Bendix: Bring Back the Morning Show.

Catherine Bell: I have cancelled my EFT and refused to contribute so as not to support the administration’s destruction of KPFA. I am very happy to have this alternative contribution opportunity. Way to go in operating outside the box.

Ivan Jaigirdar: Please bring back the morning show!

James Mankins & Susan Mankins, Porterville Schools, CTA/NEA: We miss the local information of the Morning Show.

Anne Sussman: I quit after I heard that Rosenberg woman spew her hate over the air a few weeks ago.  I’ll give money again only because I do care for the staff at KPFA and I need this station to continue.  I hope this will help restore the morning show.

Natashja Dewolfe: “Power to the WORKERS! not management!”

L. D. Pratt: I am disturbed by the changes and proposed changes to programming.  As a listener/voting member/financial contributor why can’t my voice be heard?

Lorna Tobler: KPFA workers contribute by accepting modest salaries for their work.  The least listeners can do is to support their union.  I worked for a living for over half a century. Unions made it possible for me to support myself in retirement.

David Fisher: I swore I would not give until they get rid of Arlene, this is for the workers. Change the Charter.  Make Pacifica and Arlene pull their own weight…maybe she should have to raise money to pay for her salary like everyone else.

Susan Levinkind, OLOC, AARP, So Poverty Law Center, ALA: Save KPFA!

Jean Peters: I’ve stopped listening to the current “Morning Show” because of the amateurish hosting and poor quality of programming. I want the REAL Morning Show BACK!!

Patricia Gray, AFT  People of CA 12: I want our station to be under local control.

Ron Peterson: May we save KPFA/Pacifica and all progressive voices!

Marilyn Becchetti, TNG39521CWA: I’m basically not listening to KPFA at this time, until the Morning Show returns.  As a union member, I cannot condone the grossly unfair treatment of members of KPFA’s paid staff.

Sheila Goldmacher, California Alliance for Retired Americans, Berkeley Gray Panthers, OLOC: In this time of attacks on public workers, it is shameful  that Pacifica spends money on anti-labor attorneys to attack our workers!   Enuf –

Charlie Wambeke, American Postal Workers Union – Retirees: I think many of us are reluctant to donate to KPFA (Pacifica) at this time for fear the money will be used by management for further shut down the station and network. When I hear music I think shut down!!!

Mary Kinder Morton: I make this pledge only so that I can be a voting member.  It would have been $150 or more, under other circumstances.

Rebecca Greenberg, CWA-TNG 39521, CA Labor Federation (staff): They say cut back, we say Fight Back!

Doyle Wyre, member of Freedom Song Network: save KPFA and reform Pacifica

Damian Cano & Marce Cano, Ex-Teamster: Tell Arlene to resign, pronto!

Judith Ward: I listen on-line or download to my mp3 player. I rely on KPFA for news and local commentary since I travel to the Bay Area frequently.

Sue Martinez, UPTE – CWA: This donation is to support the return of the Morning Show with Aimee and Brian!

Dean Pasvankias: hope this works!

Kirsten Falke-Boyd: We need you to stay a-float, you are critical to the fabric of truthful, and fearless public broadcasting.

Timothy McCarthy & Georgia McCarthy, roofer’s local 81, Oakland, CA: I maintained my membership after I moved to Colorado primarily to support the morning show which I listened to daily until it was removed.

James  A Turner: Bring Back The Morning Show !!!!!

Polly Boissevain: I have already donated this fund drive, but I am an avid supporter of the station and want to be able to help how i can.  All of the programs I most enjoy seem to be the ones under fire.  Please feel free to bundle this as a challenge.  I hope it works!

Arpi Kupelian: When management is ready to talk sense to the workers of KPFA, the pledges will then increase.  Till then, listeners seem to be voting with their dollars.  I certainly am.

Paul Rooney & Mary Lou Sumberg: Extremely unhappy and disappointed to lose the Morning Show with Aimee Alison and Brian Edwards Tiekert. Do not want to support the Pacifica Board that made these changes and can’t bring ourselves to contribute directly. Thanks for setting this up.

David Aneyci, SEIU: KPFA and the staff and volunteers who devote their lives to it are an irreplaceable community resource.  We cannot let it be taken away from us…

Carol Badran, AFT – local 21: Please bring back the Morning Show!!!

Randy Christensen, CWA 9415: Beautiful job.  Thanks so much.

Marsha Dawson: I LOVE THIS WEBSITE  — IT’S A LIFELINE, HONESTLY.   THANK YOU – you don’t know me but I know all of you and you’ve changed my life.  Morning Show BACK !!

Barrie Ann Mason, SEIU, North Bay Home Health Workers: Bring back the Morning Show, KPFA needs quality programming.

Rita Barouch,  SEIU 1021, Contra Costa Social Workers: It is essential that we support KPFA, for invaluable news analysis, cultural and community linkages. We can’t affort to loose it!

Jonathan Morris, CWA/Nabet 51 and IA 119: I pledge this contribution to help restore the BEST show on KPFA, “The Morning Show” to it’s status in Oct 2010 (with Aimee and Brian as Hosts) prior to the current idiotic Pacifica management’s changes which removed this show from the line-up.

James Marc: Who put the the Pacifica board members on the board ? What’s the point of giving money to a station that doesn’t have control over its own self? What is really going on here?

David Kessler & Nancy Mennel, CUE-Teamsters, UC Berkeley: I already gave some money directly (Blues by the Bay) but want to be clear of my support for the KPFA workers and the programming they endorse.

Susan Chacin, SEIU 1021: I desperately miss the Morning Show. It gave me a slice of local, national & international news, arts, cinema, opinion, and organizing updates. “M Mix” is mixed up -well intentioned folk, but not up to Amy A. and Brian E-T.

Michelle Crawford, Immigrants Rights Attorney: I’ve been a listener/contributor for  decades, but am donating now only to retain voting rights and support workers. Otherwise I will not support until Pacifica backs off its present destructive stance, restores Morning Show and laid off staff.

Michael Gilfillan, Green Party of Canada: “Labour is superior to capital”, this pledge is in support of the paid and unpaid workers who do such an outstanding and essential job: bringing to listeners the in depth analysis necessary to understanding and acting on the critical issues affecting us.

Eugene Spake & Eugene and Ann Spake, Past unions include AFSCME, ITT, Retail Clerks, teachers union, etc.: We are retired but have been members of nine unions during our working years.

Carol McFarlan: I am concerned Engelhardt clone Phillips supports all volunteer programming.  Listening to the Morning Mix as compared with the Morning Show, one hears the difference.  I am concerned there may be a union busting purpose here. KPFA quality at stake.

Lin Zenki, SEIU  1021  Registered Nurses of San Francisco Department of Public Health: This donation will be done as a $10 a month pledge, and it will only continue IF management continues to listen to the workers and their allies.

Montgomery Powell & Stacey Evans

Clark Natwick, American Legion

Sam Tuttelman

Murray Tobak

Elaine Peterson

Mona Jhaveri

Peter Stokes, IFPTE Local 21 San Francisco

Ed Treuting

Sheldon Warren

Laurie Rubin, California Teachers Assn.

Elizabeth Ebrahimzadeh & Estela Serrano

Chloe Benjamin

Tom Miller & TT Nhu, General Counsel, Global Exchange

Steven Jenner, Local Color

Blair Moser & Charlie Moser

Jess Kennedy

Milina Jovanovic, CEMA, Santa Clara County, (this union is together with operating engineers)

Carrie Schiff

Jim Espinas

K.J. Quick

Barbara Bogard

Marian Cruz

David Chase, SAG

Nikki Sachs

Gail Leondar-Wright & Betsy Leondar-Wright, National Writer’s Union

Lori Hope

Ronald Elson & Eleanore Lee

Arnold Martelli

Iris Biblowitz

Esther Blumenthal-Sheats

Tessa Flores

Carlos Munoz & Graciela Rios Munoz

Patricia Hendricks

Cynthia Barton, past member of CWA

Lorie Brillinger, CNM, supporters for Single Payer health plan

Maia Craig

Fred Schwartz

Phyllis Willett, National Union of Healthcare Workers

Meaveen O’Connor, NEA

Jennie Carpenter, OPEIU Local 3

Sheira Freedman

Darrin Simmons, Communications Workers of America 9421

Dana Frank, AFT #1299

Mary Sepulveda

Patricia Hendricks

Anne-Lise Francois

Marianne Mueller

Jame Schnitzen & Ellen Jennings, Ellen is member of SEIU 1021. James works at KPFA and benefits from union wages.

Stephen Early, National Writers Union/UAW

Elizabeth Ross

Kevin Gilleran & Kevin Gilleran

Mary Joyce Yoshimura

Augusto Cardoso & Stella and Otto Cardoso

Spencer Koffman

Kathleen Kahn

Marc Gardner

Bruce McGaw, AAUP

Libby Sayre, CWA

Jane Scantlebury


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  1. Dr. Nancy Arvold says:

    I’ve been a listener and donator since 1960, and am fearful about what is happening to my anchor for intelligent news, analysis, etc., KPFA.

    I don’t even know who to go to to complain about Andrew what’s his name, the new station manager. He obviously knows nothing about either the listeners nor the Bay Area’s needs for KPFA coverage. He is condescending, insulting to listeners, and tells lies and skews this conflict. Since he “owns” the airwaves, he can say anything he wants. I woke up to listen to Mary Berg’s lovely Sunday music, anticipating the usual 9AM morning show, only to hear Andrew introduce Robert Bly is such pablum-y terms I turned of the radio. I might as well be listening to NPR. He and the national board, for whom he is obviously a front man, must be stopped.

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