Second San Francisco Labor Council resolution in support of KPFA workers

The San Francisco Labor Council is demanding that KPFA restore the Morning Show, including David Bacon’s labor segment. With a long round of applause after presentations by KPFA workers Antonio Ortiz and Laura Prives, delegates voted unanimously in support of a resolution observing that Pacifica had “spent far more on a $400 per hour antiunion law firm to fight KPFA’s workers than it gained from laying-off Aimee Allison,” one of the Morning Show’s co-hosts.

Referring to Pacifica’s meddling in station affairs, the resolution demands KPFA remain “locally-controlled and locally-accountable” and for management to “respect the union at the station.” Last November, Pacifica executive director Arlene Engelhardt went over the heads of KPFA’s then-pro-union managers, laying off Allison and co-hosts Brian Edwards-Tiekert, and canceling the popular show despite thousands of listener letters and calls urging her not to do so. Engelhardt then installed “interim” managers Phillips and Core, who have refused to reinstate the Morning Show even after clear evidence of a disastrous slide in financial support during KPFA’s morning drive time. (See the latest statistics on listenership and funding here.)

This is the San Francisco Labor Council‘s second resolution in support of KPFA’s staff. TheAlameda, Monterey Bay and South Bay Labor Councils have also passed unanimous resolutions backing KPFA’s workers.

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