Pacifica board ends executive director’s contract

KPFA1The Pacifica National Board (PNB) announced Friday it has ended the contract of executive director Summer Reese.

New PNB chair Margy Wilkinson sent this message to the network’s general managers, asking that it be forwarded to staff.  She confirms that a new interim executive director will be in place soon.

Reese had been Pacifica chair for three years, recently serving simultaneously as executive director. Wilkinson was elected Pacifica chair last month after new delegates from each of Pacifica’s 5 local stations took their seats on the national board.

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2 Responses to Pacifica board ends executive director’s contract

  1. Jara Handala says:

    Thanks for the post.

    The next day, 17 March, it was reported that Ms Reese & others entered the KPFA building, & she tried to continue working even though she had been fired.

    Is she still in the building, & if not, what happened?

    Also would you please recommend a site where listeners can be kept up-to-date?

    Thanks for all your work.

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