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KPFA’s interim general manager abuses station’s email list for partisan purposes

While Pacifica continues to stall the listener-initiated recall process, KPFA’s interim general manager is pouring out incorrect and highly-partisan material onto KPFA’s own subscriber email list, in violation of the network’s fair election rules. On December 26, 2011, Andrew Leslie … Continue reading

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KPFA interim general manager promotes right-wing conspiracy theories

Interim general manager Andrew Phillips promoted a questionable “thank you gift” to listeners who subscribed to the station during KPFA’s 2011 autumn fund drive.  On Wednesday, October 12th, Phillips hosted and pitched excerpts from Zeitgeist: The Movie, which combines speculation … Continue reading

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AM programming undermines fund drive; KFCF returns arts programming cancelled by KPFA

KPFA’s fund drive ran five days longer than the last fall’s fund drive, but still fell $80,000 short of goal. The shortfall and overrun are almost entirely attributable to the change in KPFA’s morning lineup. The hours of 6-10AM raised … Continue reading

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Pacifica caught illegally shorting pensions of KPFA’s union workers

Members of KPFA’s union have discovered that Pacifica appears to be underpaying the 403(b) retirement accounts of its paid workers, which is a violation of federal law.  When employees received their quarterly statement from the 403b provider ING, they noticed … Continue reading

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Interim manager lashes out at KPFA journalists, board members call his behavior “completely inappropriate”

Following revelations that Pacifica has received a large donation from investment firm Goldman Sachs, KPFA interim general manager Andrew Phillips issued a public attack on the KPFA News, which broke the story. Twelve members of KPFA’s local station board have … Continue reading

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Pacifica tries to impose gag rule on KPFA journalists – first time since 1999

In 1999, thousands marched in the streets of Berkeley when KPFA’s parent organization Pacifica tried to censor reporting and discussion of developments in the network — including criticism of Pacifica — on the station’s air.  Now, in 2011, during a … Continue reading

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Management misleads KPFA listeners and blames staff, union workers respond

Fourteen members of KPFA’s union are responding with an open letter to management, after its  disciplining of the three most successful KPFA fundraisers for their mention of a layoff. At the end of KPFA’s Winter Fund Drive last week, Pacifica’s … Continue reading

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