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Layoffs imminent at KPFA: vote YES on the KPFA recall to stop the next purge

[We received this message from KPFA’s Brian Edwards-Tiekert on June 29, 2012.] Hi everyone, If you’re a KPFA member, you should have just received what may be the most important KPFA ballot you ever get. It asks whether or not … Continue reading

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KPFA union workers vote to support Oakland general strike

KPFA’s union workers have passed a resolution endorsing the Oakland general strike on November 2nd and supporting the movements across the country opposing corporate greed. “KPFA’s union stands in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement around the country and … Continue reading

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Listeners, staff force managers to drop plans to axe Uprising

Deluged by hundreds of emails from listeners, KPFA management has — for now, at least — backed off from its plan to remove Sonali Kolhatkar‘s Uprising from the air. Kolhatkar produces her show at sister station KPFK in Los Angeles, … Continue reading

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Campaign launched to recall key ally of Pacifica management, a coalition of listeners, paid and unpaid staff, has launched a campaign to recall KPFA and Pacifica board member Tracy Rosenberg. Rosenberg is a key ally of Pacifica Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt, who has imposed top-down purges and programming changes … Continue reading

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Pacifica’s hand-picked managers re-program 45 hours of KPFA’s airtime, cancel 9AM Democracy Now!

KPFA staff were shocked to receive an email yesterday evening from two interim KPFA managers, Andrew Phillips and Carrie Core, announcing the most sweeping programming changes to KPFA’s grid in at least a decade, including removing the 9 AM broadcast … Continue reading

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