Statement to Pacifica read to the Nov. 4 KPFA rally from Nick Gilla, staff member at Democracy Now! and a member of CWA 1180.

I’m dismayed to witness Pacifica’s lack of transparency and willingness to even offer a response to the widely accepted and significantly conciliatory alternative budget provided by KPFA’s workers.

This behavior is not only illegal, but immoral, and displays a total lack of respect by Pacifica for KPFA’s listeners: communities who depend upon this programming for far more than just news and entertainment.

During this budget crisis, the last thing that is needed are actions from within that threaten the station itself, unnecessarily, while alternatives go unheeded.

Democracy Now! volunteer coordinator Neil Shibata has also issued a public statement:

My name is Neil Shibata, volunteer coordinator and office manager of Democracy Now! I am writing in support of KPFA’s workers and listeners. I find it shameful that the Pacifica National Board cannot abide by its own bylaws, particularly with regard to the list of workers being targeted for termination who didn’t endorse the election slate of board members Rosenberg, Wanzala and Aghamir.

Moreover, it is astounding that the board would even contemplate illegally violating the workers’ collective bargaining agreement. The KPFA workers who put together The Morning Show, Against the Grain, Hard Knock Radio and the Evening News ought to be honored for their hard work and commitment and for the essential services they provide to the community, not vindictively targeted by a board that has no business involving itself in the station’s personnel matters. I urge Pacifica to proceed honorably by duly considering the proposals of KPFA’s union to reduce layoffs and to explore alternatives in good faith.