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What is union-busting?

By law, employers aren’t supposed to intimidate, coerce, or fire employees for exercising their democratic rights to act collectively with their coworkers. Yet many employers do it anyway — often with the help of outside union-busting consultants like Jackson Lewis. See … Continue reading

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KPFA workers and listeners rally against union busting firm

On Wednesday, April 18, listeners joined KPFA’s paid and unpaid staff for a spirited picket of the station’s parent organization, Pacifica Radio, to raise their voices against the network’s hiring of infamous anti-union law firm, Jackson Lewis. The firm was … Continue reading

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Pacifica hires notorious union-busting legal firm of Jackson Lewis

KPFA’s parent organization, the Pacifica Foundation, has hired Jackson Lewis, a notorious anti-union law firm which the AFL-CIO calls “America’s number one union-buster.”  The multimillion-dollar corporate firm specializes in what it calls “preventative practices” — that is, advising managers how to … Continue reading

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KPFA’s interim general manager abuses station’s email list for partisan purposes

While Pacifica continues to stall the listener-initiated recall process, KPFA’s interim general manager is pouring out incorrect and highly-partisan material onto KPFA’s own subscriber email list, in violation of the network’s fair election rules. On December 26, 2011, Andrew Leslie … Continue reading

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Update on Pacifica pension raiding; Workers vote no confidence in management at KPFA sister station

KPFA’s union workers are still waiting to get a full accounting of the extent to which parent corporation Pacifica illegally dipped into their pensions.  Paid workers discovered last month that Pacifica was taking money out of their paychecks but not … Continue reading

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AM programming undermines fund drive; KFCF returns arts programming cancelled by KPFA

KPFA’s fund drive ran five days longer than the last fall’s fund drive, but still fell $80,000 short of goal. The shortfall and overrun are almost entirely attributable to the change in KPFA’s morning lineup. The hours of 6-10AM raised … Continue reading

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Workers, listeners picket Pacifica on national day of action for labor

As part of a national day of action in support of unions, over a hundred KPFA paid and unpaid workers, union members, and listeners picketed the offices of the station’s parent organization Pacifica in Berkeley. Chanting “hey hey, ho ho, … Continue reading

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Pacifica tries to impose gag rule on KPFA journalists – first time since 1999

In 1999, thousands marched in the streets of Berkeley when KPFA’s parent organization Pacifica tried to censor reporting and discussion of developments in the network — including criticism of Pacifica — on the station’s air.  Now, in 2011, during a … Continue reading

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Exodus of staff of color from KPFA; Station cancels upcoming fund drive

the majority of the workers that Engelhardt laid off from the Morning Show are women and people of color, in a move that has led thousands of listeners to register their outrage with Pacifica. And all of the seven KPFA paid staff members who elected to take a voluntary severance are people of color, including Lewis Sawyer, Weyland Southon, Esther Manilla, Vini Beachem, Renee Geesler, and Amelia Gonzalez. Gonzalez quit last week as KPFA’s acting assistant general manager. KPFA’s interim General Manager announced that next week’s fund drive will be called off in the wake of massive response from listeners angry about the lay off of KPFA’s Morning Show staff. o for purported budgetary reason, Pacifica laid off its most successful program — and then just canceled the station’s fund drive. Now that’s sound financial planning. Continue reading

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