Listeners, staff force managers to drop plans to axe Uprising

Deluged by hundreds of emails from listeners, KPFA management has — for now, at least — backed off from its plan to remove Sonali Kolhatkar‘s Uprising from the air. Kolhatkar produces her show at sister station KPFK in Los Angeles, and has been outspoken in her support for KPFA’s workers in the wake of the cancellation of the Morning Show. Other programming changes, however, are on the horizon | SEE ACTION ALERT BELOW.

A recent labor picket at KPFA

But on September 2, without any listener or local board consultation, interim program director Carrie Core announced she’ll scrap KPFA’s long-running Sunday night Act One radio drama starting Sept. 11, replacing it with a hodgepodge of “temporary” shows. All are hosted by allies of management. Two of the replacement programs being installed — “TwitWit” and an unnamed show about KPFA itself — are by George Coates and Allen Green, co-producers of “Better Bad News,” an online project responsible for a bizarre series of propaganda videos during last year’s KPFA election that personally (and falsely) attacking several station workers and members of the local board.

“I’m not sure which is more absurd,” said one KPFA staffer. “That management thinks something called ‘TwitWit’ involving actors reading from a Twitter stream is a viable replacement for award-winning radio drama, or that a vicious partisan should serve as ‘facilitator’ of a show to discuss matters relating to KPFA.”

Please communicate your opinion about these latest moves via KPFA’s CONTACT PAGE, or WRITE TO US and we’ll forward your email to KPFA’s and Pacifica’s elected governing boards. You can also call the interim managers directly: 510-848-6767 x 203 (Phillips) or x 209 (Core).

Calling all recall petitions

The listener/staff coalition SaveKPFA is in the last stage of collecting listener petitions demanding a recall of board member Tracy Rosenberg, a key supporter of Pacifica’s top-down purges and programming changes. You can learn more about the effort here.

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One Response to Listeners, staff force managers to drop plans to axe Uprising

  1. nancy johnson says:

    what the fk is going on? i am so fkng tired of “changes”.
    who asked you to “change” anything.
    i am learning to hate KPFA. i raised my family on this station.
    i cannot tolerate the “changes” decided upon for no good reason, by strangers in my station.
    might as well listen to npr.
    nancy johnson

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