AM programming undermines fund drive; KFCF returns arts programming cancelled by KPFA

Change in avg pledge total per hr at KPFA

KPFA’s fund drive ran five days longer than the last fall’s fund drive, but still fell $80,000 short of goal. The shortfall and overrun are almost entirely attributable to the change in KPFA’s morning lineup.

The hours of 6-10AM raised an average of $8526 per day less than last fall — over the course of the drive, that adds up to a deficit of $145,000 (see this chart for details). Fundraising levels stayed roughly equivalent to the last drive in all other timeslots.

Meanwhile, after KPFA management scrapped the station’s long-running Sunday night arts and drama programming without any listener or local board consultation, listeners complained but management refused to budge.

KFCF programmers table at an event.

Now, the shows KPFA management put on the air — TwitWit and The Week Starts Here — have gotten the thumbs down at Fresno’s KFCF, where they have been removed and the arts programming restored.

While KFCF airs much of KPFA’s programming, it is independently run by the Fresno Free College Foundation. KFCF’s Program Needs Assessment Committee recommended that LA Theater Works be returned to the 7 PM Sunday night slot.

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One Response to AM programming undermines fund drive; KFCF returns arts programming cancelled by KPFA

  1. Mary Morton says:

    Too bad Fresno’s Free College station can’t take over the management of KPFA, at least until the corporate scoundrels are eventually removed. Fresno’s programmers, as KPFA’s programmers know what the listening audience wants to hear. Another plus is that Fresno doesn’t mismanage their funds or mistreat their paid and unpaid staff.

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